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Business Domains

Four Solution Methodologies

Responding to the Expectations of Clients?That is Our Greatest Value

To support the improvement of management functions that make full use of individuals and organizations, we provide the highest-level products and services that combine art and science.


Aiming at support for individuals to encourage their autonomy within the organization so that they can fully display their abilities

Bringing together the rich results of support (counseling, coaching) for individuals working in the client company, we promote the further improvement of the quality of support sessions by reviewing each session, instance of peer supervision, and analysis of questionnaire survey results. In addition to the fundamental approach based on career development theory, we aim to respond to clients’ needs in various other ways. To respond to the diverse issues of clients, we are developing new techniques beyond individual interviews, such as techniques for encouraging communication between superiors and subordinates and organizational responses to issues such as mental health problems.