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Business Domains

Four Solution Methodologies

Responding to the Expectations of Clients?That is Our Greatest Value

To support the improvement of management functions that make full use of individuals and organizations, we provide the highest-level products and services that combine art and science.


Aiming at further enhancement of effectiveness of problem-solving measures

To determine issues properly and present concrete solutions to the increasingly complex problems of individuals and organizations in companies, we have developed various approaches to make effective use of our past experience in providing consulting services for many client companies in order to resolve present issues. To this end, we are not only formulating systems and mechanisms, but are also further expanding our services to support their operation and establishment. We are also strengthening our cooperation with other Recruit Group companies, which are involved in the human resources business in a wide range of fields. In these ways, we are perfecting our system to respond comprehensively to provide solutions to clients’ problems, from the determination of issues to the proposal, operation, and establishment of solutions.