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Business Domains

Four Solution Methodologies

Responding to the Expectations of Clients?That is Our Greatest Value

To support the improvement of management functions that make full use of individuals and organizations, we provide the highest-level products and services that combine art and science.


Aiming at training that realizes profound learning and a transformation of behavior

In addition to the development of practical workplace-focused products in response to clients’ needs, we are striving to develop services to ensure that training is not just a temporary phase. These include follow-up services before and after training to check that lessons have been absorbed and to confirm that behavioral changes have been achieved in the workplace. To educate trainers, we have produced the Training Technique System Handbook, which outlines the training techniques and viewpoint that trainers should possess, and we utilize it as the foundation of all our trainer development activities, including the assessment and development of trainers. In addition, we are producing a practical manual to ensure that clients can smoothly make preparations for implementing their training and are collecting clients’ requests regularly so that we can conduct the optimal program for each client.