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Responding to the Expectations of Clients?That is Our Greatest Value

To support the improvement of management functions that make full use of individuals and organizations, we provide the highest-level products and services that combine art and science.


We aim to provide high-quality recruitment assessment surveys based on data we have collected

We have succeeded in developing highly trustworthy recruitment assessments based on a wealth of assessment data and the question formulation techniques we have built up. In order to verify the accuracy of measurement of the subjects assessed?the most important function of any assessment?we conduct follow-up research, such as analyzing the relationship between the results of our assessment and assessments of personnel after their recruitment. The results of this research have been published in the academic community and been highly commended as valuable practical research. In addition, we are striving to develop and put into practice new techniques, including not only efforts to realize a smooth delivery system and to perfect security aspects?such as the protection of personal information?but also situation-based tests that can measure more practical abilities of assessment subjects.