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Institute for Organizational Behavior Research

The research and development unit of Recruit Management Solutions. We are committed to improving management effectiveness to activate individuals and organizations through research and development based on theory and practical experience.

Our Activities

Ongoing Research Themes or Current Research Interests :

Selection Global Human Resource Management, Organizational Capabilities for Excellent Companies, Leadership, Executive Development, Young Workers’ Socialization, Teamwork, New Learning Technologies, Assessment Technologies, etc.

  • Journal : RMS message
  • Survey Report : RMS Research
Academic Associations
  • Japanese Association of Industrial / Organizational Psychology
  • The Japanese Association of Administrative Science
  • The Academic Association for Organizational Science
  • Japanese Academy of Human Resource Development
  • The Japan Association for Research on Testing
  • The Behaviormetric Society of Japan
  • Japanese Association of Industrial Counseling
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Academy of Management, etc.