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Brand Statement
Making the Most of Individuals and Organizations

This Brand Statement stipulates the commitments to society of Recruit Management Solutions. It expresses the company’s basic philosophy: what kind of society we want to realize, what our goals are, and what kind of value we will provide. It is the guiding principle of our business activities.

Brand Vision -The Society We Want to Realize-

Aiming to realize a society where individuals and organizations enhance value through synergy.

Individuals feel completely fulfilled when their wishes and values are respected within an organization and, through synergy with it, their abilities are displayed and enhanced to the fullest. Organizations are truly vitalized when their wishes and values are accepted and shared by the individuals within them, and the synergy between individuals generates a power greater than the sum of the parts to produce the desired results,. A society where individuals and organizations produce a synergy effect is the kind of society we want to realize.

Brand Mission -The Role We Want to Play in Society-

Supporting the improvement of management functions that make the most of individuals and organizations.

IThe activity that enables individuals and organizations to produce a synergy effect is management. Management should be able to promote the growth of individuals and the organization, making it possible for people to cooperate and get results. It is also the function of achieving the specific mission of one’s organization while creating value through the integrated use of various management resources. Having set support for the improvement of these management functions as our social mission, we are developing our business operations.

Brand Value -The Value We Want to Provide to Society-

Providing professional services combining art and science.

Management is said to be both an art and a science. It is an art in that it creates value through insights and concepts founded on specific goals and philosophy. It is a science in that it consistently and efficiently solves the problems that arise every day based on systematized knowledge and logical perception and thinking. Through professional services combining art and science, we strive to resolve a wide variety of management issues.