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Four Business Domains

Strengthening Sales Capability

The strengthening of sales capability is the developing of the people and organizations involved at points of contact with clients, such as sales and marketing, into an organization that can deliver value to our clients. A point of contact with a client is a situation which can have a very great influence on customer satisfaction and sales performance. We provide practical expertise on how to vitalize these point of contacts with clients.

We provide support for the following client needs:
  • Realize the full potential of each individual to enhance sales performance
  • Develop new sales representatives, who will be the driving force of the future sales organization, in such a way that they can promptly become part of the sales force
  • Effect a shift from a uniform sales style to solution-oriented sales
  • Develop sales managers who can raise the level of performance by enhancing team power
  • Strengthen the system to control constantly changing performance and the sales process
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current sales capability and consider what sales organization would be most suitable for the company